Wieser is a manufacturer of an extensive line of precast concrete products for the Agricultural, Underground, Highway, and Commercial markets. This diversity and flexibility has aided Wieser Concrete in maintaining a sound, successful operation.

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Tom G.

Wieser is very competitively priced – got the most bang for my buck. The bunker silo cuts feeding time by 3 hours a day. Having a bunker silo cuts the cost of maintaining loaders and unloaders. Before the bunker silo, the cost of maintenance would triple or quadruple when the herd size doubled.

– Tom G.

Carl Z.

Since installing my bunker silo, 2 tower silos have been dismantled.

– Carl Z.

Kenneth A.

Bunker silos are a much better idea than other options. They’re cheaper to build and operate, and faster to get the silage out. Bunker silos unload faster. It saves him about 2 hours a day.

– Kenneth A.

Jeff O.

Since I have started using bunker silos and a total mix ration, my rolling herd average has risen by 2500 pounds – and that is not all! The burn losses in my upright silos are 2- 5/8% and the same loss in my bunker silos is 1/10th of 1%! You bet I am sold on bunker silos.

– Jeff O.

Rick H.

If you want to work for a company that treats you like family, this is the place where you need to work.

– Rick H.

Todd B.

Great family business! The Wiesers are a prime example of local success continually giving back to the community! Well done, Wieser Concrete!

– Todd B.