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Wieser is a manufacturer of an extensive line of precast concrete products for the Agricultural, Underground, Highway, and Commercial markets. This diversity and flexibility has aided Wieser Concrete in maintaining a sound, successful operation.

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Brian G.

Wieser Concrete had the lowest price on bid day and was able to produce the box culvert according to our schedule. We have had great success using materials from Wieser Precast and felt Wieser Concrete would have the same level of quality and production rate.

– Brian G.

Chris K.

We have had several jobs with Wieser Concrete and their level of service has always been impeccable. Drew Wieser, General Manager at the Roxana, IL plant, and the team have always gone out of their way to meet the sometimes demanding construction schedule that is required by IDOT. Additionally, the products we get are of high quality, which makes it easier to put the precast sections together, saving us both time and money.

– Chris K.

Rick H.

If you want to work for a company that treats you like family, this is the place where you need to work.

– Rick H.

Jason A.

I chose Wieser Concrete because they were willing to help me with a small project right from the start. The timing was right on with what I was told, and when it came time to install the building, they were on time and got the job done quickly and professionally. I was completely satisfied with Wieser Concrete throughout the whole process and would recommend them to anyone. The building looks great.

– Jason A.

Frank R.

When my brothers and I decided to expand our dairy, we did lots of looking and chose Wieser Concrete because of their reputation in this industry. They have built slatted floor free-stall barns since 1967 in many Midwestern states – and that was good enough for us. I have a cost-efficient system that is great for our cows and our people. In fact, no one even knows we have manure storage as it is under the barn and out of sight. These folks know what they are doing when it comes to precast concrete.

– Frank R.

Kenneth A.

Bunker silos are a much better idea than other options. They’re cheaper to build and operate, and faster to get the silage out. Bunker silos unload faster. It saves him about 2 hours a day.

– Kenneth A.

Jeff R.

This was the best box culvert install we have done to date.

– Jeff R.

Russ H.

We have had a long relationship with Wieser Concrete and BioMicrobics FAST systems, so we can ship the unit to Wieser for installation in the tanks prior to delivery to the job site. This prevents delays at the site since the larger units need to be installed prior to the top of the tank being placed.

– Russ H.

Carl Z.

Since installing my bunker silo, 2 tower silos have been dismantled.

– Carl Z.

Tim Q.

You folks sure take PRIDE and CARE of your employees! That’s why I know you’re so successful in business. Proud to know you folks!

– Tim Q.

Paul W.

We decided to use Wieser for this box culvert project due to their in-house design-build capabilities. The ability to design & build the atypical shapes and provide all calculations necessary in a very timely manner isn’t matched by other precast suppliers in this area of the Midwest. We had lots of ideas and questions for Wieser during the design phase, testing the limits of what was possible by means of precast. All of which were met with an attitude of teamwork.

– Paul W.

Chris W.

Since this was a small structure, it was more cost effective to go with precast. Time was a big factor as well. This structure would have taken over a month to build if we went with cast-in-place. We set the precast structure in one day. We have worked with Wieser Concrete on a few projects over the last five years. We have never had an issue with quality and their prices have always been competitive.

– Chris W.

Terry W.

I have owned and operated a Wieser Pan-L-Bilt manure storage structure since 1972 and I have not had any reason to doubt the engineering, design, or integrity of that structure. It is a watertight structure and if I build again, I’ll do it the same way.

– Terry W.

Doug S.

We chose Wieser Concrete as the supplier because the UV vault could be installed and operational in just 3 days.

– Doug S.

Tony B.

We always use precast concrete septic tanks. Wieser Concrete is always able to meet the timelines and they make high-quality custom tanks.

– Tony B.

John S.

For this barn, we chose Wieser’s slatted floor system because we are convinced that it is the most thoroughly engineered, backed by decades of experience and represented by people who are a pleasure to work with.

– John S.

Todd B.

Great family business! The Wiesers are a prime example of local success continually giving back to the community! Well done, Wieser Concrete!

– Todd B.

Matt V.

I turned to Wieser for a turnkey solution for a retaining wall that would be trouble free for many years. Time was a factor so I needed a fast, yet permanent solution. Wieser is easy to work with and able to adapt to changes in any situation. The team of installers was safe, fast, and efficient. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the knowledge that these walls will outlive me!

– Matt V.

Mike S.

Wieser Concrete was chosen because of their quality, experience, and magnitude of the project and previous experience with BioMicrobics. Service was exceptional and quality was second to none. After 70 years in the industry, I can honestly say they run a class act and will definitely recommend and use again in the future.

– Mike S.

Todd S.

Wieser had the tanks and plans easily accessible on their website, so it was helpful up front in the design and bid process. We knew previously of Wieser quality and they were able to react quickly and worked closely with us on the job.

– Todd S.

Jeff O.

Since I have started using bunker silos and a total mix ration, my rolling herd average has risen by 2500 pounds – and that is not all! The burn losses in my upright silos are 2- 5/8% and the same loss in my bunker silos is 1/10th of 1%! You bet I am sold on bunker silos.

– Jeff O.

Tom G.

Wieser is very competitively priced – got the most bang for my buck. The bunker silo cuts feeding time by 3 hours a day. Having a bunker silo cuts the cost of maintaining loaders and unloaders. Before the bunker silo, the cost of maintenance would triple or quadruple when the herd size doubled.

– Tom G.

Jim K.

First, there is not a question in my mind about the benefits of slats; we have cleaner cows, the cows don’t slip and cause injury, there is no labor to clean alleys, and we don’t have any machinery to fix. The other real advantage is that none of our neighbors even know we have a manure pit as it’s under the barn, out of sight, out of mind. In fact, we have been pumping out of our pit part of every day for the past 3 weeks and no one even knows it, there is no smell. I like the fact that it’s an engineered structure that’s watertight, so in years to come, I don’t have to worry about polluting someone’s well, that gives me peace of mind.

– Jim K.

Tyler G.

They offer the nicest looking precast concrete around!

– Tyler G.

Patrick J.

When I expanded, I contacted Wieser Concrete because they are the only people in the Midwest that can do a complete job – design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation. This system is the latest in technology for manure collection and storage systems.

– Patrick J.

Phil D.

I guess we are really sold on the Wieser engineering and have confidence in your people. As we’ve bought lots of Wieser products over the years.

– Phil D.