Wieser Concrete – Associations

Wiser Concrete values quality and accountability for every product and project. The following professional associations provide continued checks and balances for continued growth and excellence.

Wieser Concrete – NPCA Certified

Wieser Concrete Products is one of only 143 Precast Manufacturers in the United States certified by the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) for consistently demonstrating excellence in plant facilities, production, processes and quality control operations.

The NPCA Plant Certification Program

From start to finish, NPCA’s Certification Program is dedicated to setting the highest standards for plant facilities, production operations and quality control procedures. Quality-conscious architects, engineers, and users know that products selected from NPCA-certified plants are manufactured to exacting requirements for uncompromising strength, durability, and finish.

NPCA’s Plant Certification Program reflects a partnership with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE), an interdisciplinary firm of structural/civil engineers, architects and material scientists. With offices nationwide, WJE has achieved an international reputation in problem-solving through professional expertise, technical ability, and quick response to client needs.

Certifying Excellence

NPCA certified plants are established companies with a dedication to manufacturing first-class products. To maintain their NPCA credentials, they must pass periodic on-site, unannounced certification inspections.

NPCA certification prequalifies manufacturers as being capable of superior workmanship. You save money because their products meet or exceed your expectations and specifications. You save time when you work with certified precast plants because their products arrive on the job site ready for installation. Material and labor costs are kept in check because quality control starts before the work order reaches the precast plant.

The Certification Process

To become an NPCA-certified plant, a precast concrete production facility must exceed a level of excellence set by NPCA and industry standards. During inspections by an independent, nationally accredited engineering firm, plants are graded on various critical aspects of plant operation. A standard grading schedule is used for all inspections to ensure uniformity. Inspections are performed during actual plant operation.

During an audit, the inspector spends a full day at the plant closely examining various production aspects to make sure the plant meets or exceeds the requirements published in the NPCA Quality Control Manual for Precast Plants. The manual covers such critical factors as:

  • Management Policies
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Raw Materials Concrete Mixes
  • Production Practices
  • Reinforcement Fabrication and Placement
  • Pre-Pour and Post-Pour Operations
  • Casting, Curing, and Stripping Operations
  • Storage and Handling
The Quality Control Manual for Precast Plants

NPCA’s Quality Control Manual for Precast Plants was developed and written by a nationally recognized engineering firm in concert with a committee of NPCA members who have first-hand experience in the production of precast concrete. The manual defines fundamental requirements for quality control programs at precast concrete plants and furnishes a framework for management decisions involving equipment, procedures, and personnel. Precast plant operators use the specifications published in the manual to set up their own quality assurance programs. For employees, it is an important tool in day-to-day operations as a guide for production practices. As a reference for new employee training, the manual provides practical information, details, and accepted industry standards to promote consistency of plant operations and, ultimately, products.

The NPCA-Certified Plant

Precast concrete plant operators and owners with a commitment to excellence seek and secure NPCA certification. Their certification plaque indicates the investment of time and resources necessary to meet the high standards demanded by the construction industry.

Staffed by expert craftsmen, plants that comply with NPCA guidelines practice quality assurance at every step of the precast process. NPCA guidelines require that procedures and products be inspected during each phase of manufacturing to ensure compliance with rigid industry requirements. As a result, products from NPCA-certified plants are characterized by uniformity and consistency.

Each NPCA-certified plant is required to have an active plant safety program which abides by requirements of local, state, and federal laws, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

NPCA guidelines require NPCA-certified precasting plants to keep extensive records to verify that materials used in the manufacturing process conform to product specifications. Work orders, product drawings, equipment calibration records, aggregate and concrete test records, batching reports, and product inspection reports are also required as management tools and quality assurance aids.

Products from Certified Precast Plants

Certified precast concrete plants deliver strong, durable finished products. Experienced professionals use proven manufacturing procedures detailed in the NPCA Quality Control Manual for Precast Plants to produce superior precast products. In-plant production promotes high quality, uniformity, economy, and protection from the weather.

Precast products can be installed quickly and easily.

Precast increases efficiency because weather will not delay production. Time schedules can be coordinated to have the precast concrete product at the job site and ready to install when it is needed. Therefore project construction time, manhours, and costs can all be significantly reduced.