Wieser Concrete offers precast concrete solutions for both concrete storage and/or transfer. Wieser can build a new system or onto a pre-existing system. The slatted floor manure storage system is NRCS pre-qualified, versatile and expandable.



Production efficiencies enable Wieser slats to be competitively priced to any average slat.


Wieser’s EXCLUSIVE Dri-Cast manufacturing process is unique in the industry. Unlike conventional poured slats, Wieser’s machine-made slats offer consistent quality for smoothness, finish and texture. The quality control offered by this process means longer product life.


Wieser Dri-Cast Slats are the strongest you can buy. Dri-Cast concrete is vibrated and compacted in the forms giving a denser, stronger gang slat. Comprehensive strength of this powerful product is 8000 PSI.


All Wieser slats are produced with a 1/2” wear surface for extended service life.


Whether you’re planning a barn addition or an all-new setup, a Wieser Concrete slatted floor system gives you all the benefits of mechanized manure handling without the problems. No service maintenance — no breakdowns — no time required for the daily operation of machinery.

Slatted floor systems are ideal for warm or cold free-stall barns, holding areas, feeding buildings, combination feeding-housing barns, dry cow and calf barns. Wieser’s standard textured finish cattle and calf slat provides sure footing.

Regular Cattle Slats

Regular cattle slats are available in 8’, 10’ or 12’ sections 6″ or 9.5″ thick. These panels can be cut to accommodate odd dimension layouts. Pumpout sections for in-barn agitation and pumping can be strategically located. Wieser can also furnish pre-cast free-stall panels (with or without mats), support beams and posts to speed up installation.

Dri-Cast Dairy & Beef Slats

Wieser’s superior 6” thick Dairy and Beef Slat panels provide a solid thick wear surface to assure longer life and minimizing damage from chipping. These 4 ft. wide panels are available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths. Slat face is 6 1/4” wide with a 1 3/4” slot opening.

Calf Slats

Wieser Concrete offers two different slat panels for your calves. The 7-bar slat features a 5-5/8″ wide slat with a 1-1/4″ opening and the 8-bar slat is a 5″ wide with a 1″ opening. Both of these slat panels are 6″ thick and offer the texture wear surface. These 4′ panels are available in 12′ lengths. Visit our Project Profiles to see samples of Slatted Floors and other Wieser projects!


Wieser’s standard hog slat panel is 4′ wide, and 10′ long. The 4″ thick panels feature 5 7/8″ wide slats with 1″ slot openings. Wieser also offers 5″ thick panels in 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths. The standard texture is a smooth (not slick) dry cast finish.

Wieser offers two special slats that can be used for breeding, gestation or finishing; a 4′ x 6′ panel with 1″ slot openings and a 5″ slat, and a 4′ x 7′ panel that has 1 3/8″ slots with 5 1/2″ solid slats. Our standard texture is light broom which provides sure footing. These slats can also be special ordered with smooth to coarse broom finish.

Hog Slat Details

5 inch thick Hog Slat


Building New?

Wieser Concrete offers self-collection solid and precast slatted floor systems for under barn storage. Eliminate mechanical collection equipment. Eliminate operational time required to run this equipment. Eliminate the troublesome breakdowns and maintenance that will be required.

Building an Addition?

Wieser Concrete can provide you with a precast under barn storage system that will incorporate self-collection from the new addition while providing storage for manure from the existing building.

A Complete Storage System?

Let us show you how you can add an outside or inside precast manure storage pit for far less cost than most alternative systems.

  • Lowest labor input of any system
  • No investment in expensive mechanical collection equipment
  • No machinery maintenance problems
  • No daily labor required for operation of equipment
  • No electric power needed; saves energy
  • Under-barn storage saves valuable farmstead land
  • Maximum nutrient value of manure is saved
  • Livestock stay cleaner, more comfortable
  • Precast slatted floor systems require less square footage per  animal
  • Pit system serves as floor and foundation of the building
  • Once erected and in use, you will be assured trouble-free storage
  • Liquid storage and handling costs are minimized
  • Panels are manufactured under controlled factory conditions using up-to-date technology


  • Wide Variety of Users
  • Fits Any Size Farm


  • Length & Width
  • Portable or Permanent
    • Durable
    • Movable
  • Free Planning
  • Uniform Quality
  • Strength
  • Economical
  • Fast Installation
  • Wieser Construction Crew/No Outside Labor

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