Wieser Concrete provides superior septic/holding tank wastewater solutions with innovative, cost-effective, and high-quality precast products our customers can count on.


UNIFORM QUALITY — Precast tanks from Wieser are manufactured in a controlled environment ensuring consistent quality and structure.

STRENGTH — Wieser tanks are structurally engineered and utilize post-tensioning to ensure strength and durability.

PROVEN PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN — Wieser Concrete has been manufacturing precast concrete tanks since 1965. Wieser tanks are designed with strength and durability in mind and continue to be the choice of discriminating contractors who demand outstanding performance and consistent design for their projects. Wieser tanks are vacuum-tested, watertight structures that guarantee maximum service and longevity.

RAPID INSTALLATION TIME — Unlike poured-in-place, Wieser precast tanks do not have to wait to cure on the job site. Wieser structures can be set when needed and construction can continue without delay.

INCREASED JOBSITE SAFETY — With poured-in-place, holes must remain open after tanks are poured to allow for curing. Installation of Wieser precast structures allows for excavation holes to be backfilled immediately following setting reducing the hazard of open holes on the job site.

CONTROL OF MATERIALS — Wieser precast tanks are manufactured in a controlled environment allowing us to monitor and inspect all materials used in the production of our tanks. This practice ensures uniform product quality and durability.

DURABILITY AND STRENGTH ENSURED BY QUALITY ASSURANCE TECHNICIAN — Wieser Concrete is able to guarantee our tanks because of our dedication to quality assurance. Our Quality Assurance Technicians monitor and inspect all product throughout the manufacturing process. This dedication to quality is reflected in the durability and strength of our tanks.

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