Wieser’s Precast Box Culvert Details

Wieser Concrete manufactures up to a 20’ span, single and multiple cell box culverts. There are also customized end sections available. The culverts available in precast wingwalls, headwalls, drop walls and custom end walls, speeds up the construction process.

We decided to use Wieser for this box culvert project due to their in-house design-build capabilities. The ability to design & build the atypical shapes and provide all calculations necessary in a very timely manner isn’t matched by other precast suppliers in this area of the Midwest. We had lots of ideas and questions for Wieser during the design phase, testing the limits of what was possible by means of precast. All of which were met with an attitude of teamwork.

Paul W.

Wieser Concrete Box Culverts Gallery

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