Wieser’s Precast Highway Retaining Wall Options

Reinforced, precast retaining walls are an economical, aesthetically pleasing and durable solution for highway, commercial and facility applications.


Efficient, durable, and sophisticated.

Available in many custom sizes and designs.


Unmatched strength with style.

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LondonBoulder™ combines the natural aesthetics of boulder walls with the proven strength and reliability of traditional segmental retaining wall units. At roughly 2000 pounds each, the sheer mass of these units allows the installer to build a 9-foot high wall with limited excavation and no reinforcements.

When your application requires strength and style, The LondonBoulder™ is the perfect solution.

Easy installation, limited excavation required

  • Reversible interlocking blocks can be dyed to match any color
  • Can be used as a partition wall with the chiseled rock texture on both sides
  • As a retaining wall, it can either have a set back or a zero set back
  • Liner options: Limestone Face and Field Stone Face
Boulder Types

Precast Concrete London Boulder Textures Stain

Full Corner Boulder

London Boulder Half Corner Boulder The Full Corner Boulder features a 90-degree corner and a third textured face at one end of the unit. The front face is identical to the Full Boulder. It is easily flipped upside down to form both left and right finished ends. This is a nice finish to the end of any wall.
48 x 18 x 42 (40”) Weight: 2150 lbs.
Sq. Ft. / Block: 6 sq. ft.

*this unit also available in 24” depth

Cap Boulder

London Boulder Precast Concrete Cap Boulder The Cap unit is the perfect finish for a top course. Its front face is identical to the Full Boulder so the Cap Boulder maintains continuity on the wall’s front side. However, the back side of the boulder is recessed 8” to allow for the application of soil and sod.
48 x 18 x 42 (32”) Weight:1425 lbs.
Sq. Ft. / Block: 6 sq. ft.

*this unit also available in 24” depth

42″ Full Boulder

London Boulder Precast Concrete Full Boulder 42 in The 42″ Full Boulder will make up the majority of most walls. The primary characteristics of the Full Boulder are its 48″ front face tapering back to a 32″ rear face, with two parallel channels on the top surface and two interlocking box lugs on the bottom surface.

The tapered block is a benefit when building curved walls as it allows the turning of a radius in shorter distances and with no cutting. If your radius is extremely tight, simply knock off the necessary box lugs and rely on the ball lug to keep the two units interlocked.
48″ x 18″ x 42″ (32″) Weight: 2050 lbs.
Sq. Ft. / Block: 6 sq. ft.

90° Return Boulder

London Boulder Precast Concrete 90 Degree Return Boulder With its 24″ depth and 48″ length, the 90° Return Boulder creates a perfect half bond across both faces of a 90° wall. This unit has a convex textured face that is consistent with the front faces of all other LondonBoulder units.
48″ x 18″ x 24″
Weight: 1650 lbs.

90° Cap Corner Boulder

London Boulder Precast Concrete Cap Corner Boulder The Cap Corner Boulder provides a finished end to a course of Cap Boulders. If the project calls for a 90-degree corner, this unit will make the transition on the top course.
24″ x 18″ x 48″

1/2 Boulder 1/2 Cap

Sized at 2’ instead of 4’.


A wall system that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The evergreen wall utilizes the strength of precast concrete, the advantages of standardized elements, and the beauty of nature to provide a natural alternative. The unique design of the Evergreen Wall offers unmatched stability and fulfills the concerns of environmentalists by providing sound reduction while conforming to the natural landscape.

Each Evergreen wall is custom designed to meet your requirements including footings, backfilling, and landscaping.


Durable, Versatile and Expandable: sites and sizes can be changed with ease. No Footings required. If you would like to see diagrams of our panels, click the appropriate details PDF link.