SAPS Temple Onsite Wastewater Treatment System

  • Location: Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Contractor: Carl’s Septic Service
  • Installer: Stark & Sons Trenching/Wieser Concrete
  • Size: 80′ wide by 35′ deep
  • Purpose: To provide a wastewater treatment system for the SAPS Temple and Cultural Center.

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About this Project

In Schaumburg, Illinois, the new Shree Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan (SAPS) Temple and Cultural Center was in need of a wastewater treatment system. The $10 million, 21,000 sq. ft. Yogi Divine Society (YDS) building is located near the municipal wastewater treatment plant. However, the city would not provide sewer services for the building. Added challenges included a congested area on the job site along with the building’s proximity to a wetland. Carl’s Septic Service, the project’s contractor, designed an advanced treatment system that did not require a large disposal area.

For the project, Wieser Concrete produced a 3,000-gallon trash tank with effluent filters, a 48″ diameter lift station to pump the effluent into the system, a 12,000-gallon bio-barrier tank, and a 12,000-gallon dosing tank with surge capacity to time-dose the treatment tank for the membrane system. Prior to installation, Wieser Concrete met with the contractor and crane company to devise a plan of attack for the installation process. The preconstruction meeting paired with the conscious decision by Carl’s Septic Service to use precast tanks enabled a quick and safe installation. With a municipal plant lingering in the background, the onsite wastewater treatment system is highlighted by producing better quality effluent in a more efficient process.