Rosebud-Lott Wastewater Treatment System Building

  • Location: Rosebud-Lott Elementary School in Lott, Texas
  • Size: 18′-6″L x 8′-9 1/2″W x 10′-2″H
  • Purpose: To provide secure housing for the wastewater treatment system mechanical components.

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About this Project

From Maiden Rock, Wisconsin all the way down to the Lone Star State. This 43,620-pound building was delivered to Rosebud-Lott Elementary School in Texas for HOOT Systems. Assembly was completed at our Maiden Rock plant and shipped to Texas in one piece. This allowed for the building to be placed immediately once it arrived on site.

The pre-installed roll-up door allowed for the mechanical equipment to be brought in, as well as floor penetrations for the pipe and conduit. The building features an external broom finish, steel access door, fixed window, louvered vents, and a roll-up overhead door. Since the building was being shipped as one piece, our team members had to pay special attention to the total weight and overall dimensions of the building to make certain it would fit on a truck.