Love’s Travel Stop Treatment System

  • Location: Love’s Travel Stop in Wadsworth, Illinois
  • Size: Two 38,000-gal bio-barrier tanks
  • 10,000-gal waste sludge tank
  • 7,700-gal trash tank
  • 3,000-gal water storage tank
  • 48-in. diameter wet well
  • Purpose: To provide a wastewater treatment system for Love’s Travel Stop and adjacent Arby’s.

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About this Project

“Service was exceptional and the quality was second to none. After 70 years in the industry, I can honestly say they run a class act and will definitely recommend and use again in the future,” stated Mike Stark, President of Stark & Son Trenching, Inc. A treatment system was needed for a new Love’s Travel Stop and Arby’s in Wadsworth, Illinois. The project called for two 38,000 gallon bio-barrier tanks, a 10,000-gallon waste sludge tank, a 7,700-gallon trash tank, a 3,000-gallon water storage tank, and a 48″ diameter wet well. Mike mentioned, “Wieser Concrete was chosen to produce the concrete components because of quality, experience, the magnitude of the project, and previous experience with BioMicrobics.”

Installation of the tanks was completed in just five hours by Stark & Son Trenching, which included wrapping the tanks for infiltration. The treatment system was designed to accommodate the strict water quality requirements and the immense size of the project. Developed by BioMicrobics, the BioBarrier High Strength Membrane Bioreactor (HSMBR) cleans the wastewater with the effluent discharging into a detention pond, which will also be used if sprinkler water is needed. The membranes and processes used in this advanced system act as an impenetrable physical barrier for nearly all common pollutants found in wastewater today. When asked how the overall project went, Mike Stark said, “Working with Wieser Concrete was definitely one to put in the memory book. I was very impressed with the organization, quality, scheduling, and crane operator. If work continues in this fashion, Love’s will have water quality results that will make heads turn.” The timeline for the entire project is approximately two weeks once all other components are delivered.