G.A.C. Water Treatment Plant

  • Location: St. Paul Park, Minnesota
  • Size: Each precast tank is
  • 21′-8″ long × 13′-8″ wide × 13′-8″ high
  • Contractor: Magney Construction
  • Purpose: To provide tanks for a Granular Activated Carbon Water Treatment Plant.

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About this Project

In order to clean the raw water coming from the wells in St. Paul Park, Magney Construction designed a Granular Activated Carbon (G.A.C.) Water Treatment Plant with the necessary appurtenances. The water treatment plant is a 78′-8″ × 64′-8″ structural steel building with backing block and brick veneer. Magney chose Wieser Concrete to produce the two precast concrete backwash tanks required for the project. Each precast tank is 21′-8″ long × 13′-8″ wide × 13′-8″ high. Also included is a 48″ diameter × 7′-4″ high manhole section that rests on top of each tank. The backwash tanks are buried in the ground approximately 20′ away from the east side of the building. 

Dan Fuhrman, Project Manager for Magney Construction, mentioned, “Magney has worked with Wieser in the past and is familiar with Wieser’s expertise on precast structures and storage tanks. For this project, the engineers intended the backwash tanks to be precast concrete.” Inside the G.A.C. Water Treatment Plant, there will be eight carbon filters in total. When the filters are backwashing, the backwash water will flow out of the plant and into the precast tanks. The Wieser tanks allow for the temporary storage of this backwash water and each tank will have a submersible pump that will then discharge the backwash water into the sanitary line. The overall installation process was completed with no issues or major challenges. We manufactured the precast tanks in manageable sections so they could be easily transported to the job site and handled with a 450-ton crane. Between each tank section, Magney utilized two rows of mastic sealant to create watertight joints.