Maple Ridge Dairy Commodity Storage

  • Location: Stratford, Wisconsin
  • Installer: Wieser Concrete
  • Panel Layout: Brian Forrest, Maple Ridge Dairy
  • Size: 80′ wide by 35′ deep
  • Purpose: To provide efficient and durable commodity storage.

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About this Project

Maple Ridge Dairy aimed to reconfigure an existing bunker silo system in order to convert it into a commodity storage shed. Wieser Concrete produced six new 16′ tall precast panels for the project, while the rest of the panels required for the project were already on the property.

The new storage shed design consisted of four cells and a covered end-section with overall dimensions of 80′ wide by 35′ deep. Installation of the panels took only two and a half days to ship, move, and place. As proven by this project and countless others, our L and T precast concrete panels are extremely versatile, durable, and economical. We offer panels in six different heights from 5 feet up to 16 feet tall. Maple Ridge Dairy has also been using our precast concrete foot baths for years to keep their cattle clean and healthy.