Stationary Infantry Target Emplacements

  • Location: Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
  • Form Design: Wieser Form Fabrication
  • Contractor: Veterans Range Solutions
  • Size: 7′-10″L x 5′-6″W x 2’H
  • Purpose: To provide base stations for Stationary Infantry Targets at Fort McCoy.
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About this Project

Stationary Infantry Targets (SIT) are remote controlled pop-up target actuators, capable of supporting a wide range of U.S. Army and NATO military targets. The SIT actuators are controlled individually, in unison or in groups, which can be done manually or as a pre-programmed sequence. Due to the rigor and variety of military training, the infantry targets are built to adapt to multiple training range environments, infrastructures, operational constraints, and do not contain hydraulic fluids, contaminants, or hazardous toxins. Teamwork amongst three of our locations was required due to a busy schedule at the fabrication facility. Wieser Form Fabrication in Menomonie, WI was tasked with custom designing the new precast forms for the SIT emplacements at Fort McCoy, a military base that provides training facilities for reserve and active-component military forces.

Following the design stage, experienced welders at our Maiden Rock location built the two new forms. Finally, the forms were shipped to our Portage plant to begin production of the 269 precast pieces. While other materials are sometimes used for SIT emplacements, precast concrete was preferred due to its durability, protection, and compatibility with the electrical and target equipment. The SIT emplacements are only one part of the Fort McCoy Range and Training Land project. We are also producing emplacements for Stationary Armor Targets (SAT), which simulate a tank or other vehicle for live-fire training and qualification programs.