Davit Crane

  • Location: UW-Madison, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Michels Corporation
  • Size: Nine precast concrete tapered panels totaling 55′-3″ wide on one end, 10′ wide on the other end, and 39′-2″ in length.
  • Purpose: To construct a platform for a cast-in-place davit crane base.

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About this Project

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Board of Regents decided to replace the aging Hoofers Boat Dock. The new dock, located on Lake Mendota, called for a new davit crane to place boats in and out of the water. Wieser Concrete was tasked with manufacturing the precast concrete base to essentially act as a form for the davit crane platform. 

The nine precast panels are supported by a total of fourteen 22″ and 18″ pipe piles on the lakeshore. Shawn Stockwell from Michels is the project manager for this job and commented, “Michels chose your product because of location, pricing, and your willingness to work with us and come up with a solution to the demands of this project.” He also mentioned that this project is unique because it is constructed on the lake and building the precast concrete “form” for the crane platform is a unique way of eliminating a lot of formwork and falsework. The entire dock and deck replacement project is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2019.