Wave Eater

Buoy Anchors

  • Location: Longtail Beach in
  • Suamico, WI
  • Size: 24″ diameter by 24″ tall risers filled and 5-gallon concrete cylinders
  • Purpose: To provide sturdy, long-lasting, and cost-effective anchors for buoys.

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About this Project

Shipyard Marine at Longtail Beach was in need of a solution to anchor the large buoys in the water while remaining affordable and efficient. Ryan Hart, General Manager at our Fond du Lac facility, came up with an idea to solve this challenge. Our production crew used 24″ D x 24″ H risers and filled them with concrete, which resulted in 920 pounds per filled riser. In addition, we gathered a few 5-gallon pails, sprayed them with form oil, and filled them up with concrete to create 106-pound cylinders to serve as the main anchors.

Cody Pinto and crew were in charge of pouring them each day and Tom Jahns delivered them to the site at the beach. The buoys are used as a wave attenuation device created by the company Wave Eater. Wave Eater is an innovative, convenient, floating breakwater system designed for various waterfront applications that is both easy to install and environmentally safe. Due to the amount of wave dissipation required, Shipyard Marine is utilizing a sawtooth buoy design. The small cylinders are used as the main anchor straight down from the joints in the ropes connecting the buoys. In sequence, the large 24″ risers are used as counterweights for the main anchors.