Tievoli Hills Resort Treatment System

  • Location: Tievoli Hills, Missouri
  • Contractor: Turnbull Contracting
  • Engineer: Pickett, Ray, and Silver
  • Size: 6,500 gallons for settling
  • 9,100 gallons for treatment
  • 10,000 gallons for dosing
  • Purpose: To provide a new wastewater treatment system that will handle at least 15,000 gallons per day.
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About this Project

At Tievoli Hills Resort in Missouri, the recreational lake development had a failing wastewater treatment system that did not meet regulatory minimums. Since the daily flows reach around 15,000 gallons per day, an updated and more advanced system was in need and Turnbull Contracting won the bid for the job. Engineering on the project was done by Pickett, Ray, and Silver. In order to ensure efficiency, reliability, and quality, equipment was supplied through Weber Industries using BioMicrobics units in Wieser Concrete precast tanks, followed by a Geoflow drip system. In early 2017, the project was bid and Turnbull released the purchase order for equipment in November 2017. Weather postponed the original completion date and was then moved to May 2018.

Some land around the lake was available for a subsurface discharge, so a drip system was installed with two MicroFAST 9.0 units in Wieser precast tanks for treatment. The system is split with a unit and drip field on each side of the lake to eliminate the need to pump long distances for collection and treatment. The tanks used include 6,500 gallons for settling, 9,100 gallons for treatment, and 10,000 gallons for dosing. Wieser Concrete tanks were used due to the fact that Weber Industries has had a long relationship with Wieser and BioMicrobics FAST systems, so they can ship the unit to one of our plants for installation prior to delivery to the job site. This efficient method of installation prevents delays at the site since the larger units need to be installed before the top of the tank is placed.