Eating greasy foods may or may not clog your arteries, but one thing is certain: Grease that enters our wastewater systems from restaurants and other dining establishments will eventually clog a sewer system.

Nonexistent or ineffective pretreatment programs result in the discharge of large quantities of grease into our wastewater systems. Solidified grease then causes stoppages of the piping networks and creates problems at treatment plants that are costly and time-consuming to fix. Sewer clogs can also cause considerable health hazards when raw sewage backs up into residences or commercial establishments.

Grease interceptors remove grease from the waste stream to bring the water to acceptable standards before discharging it into a sanitary sewer system. The grease interceptors should be easy to maintain and large enough to hold considerable amounts of grease to allow for sufficient retention time.

Precast concrete grease interceptors are the best choice for effective grease removal. Only properly-sized outdoor type grease interceptors provide acceptable effluent quality. Precast concrete grease interceptors are easily produced to be watertight, durable during storage and transportation, easy to install and provide a healthy restaurant environment.

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