Tracy Hoherz Farm Manure Storage System

  • Location: Hazen, North Dakota
  • Contractor: Gross Construction
  • Engineer: K2S Engineering
  • Size: 552′ Long x 115′-4″ Wide
  • Purpose: To provide a manure storage system for a large steer barn. 

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About this Project

Even though the nearest Wieser Concrete facility is 570 miles from the Tracy Hoherz Farm in Hazen, ND, Wieser was Gross Construction’s top choice to produce the 552′ x 115’4″ precast pit top for a steer barn. Beginning in June, Gross Construction installed 1,142 Wieser slats and pump out covers, along with 92 pieces of 44″ high-back feed bunks. The 63,701 sq. ft. manure storage system features a drive-through lane in the center that splits two feed bunk rows serving 2,000 steers. Not only are the bunks designed to hold large amounts of feed, but also to serve as building supports for the barn. By the end of July, the entire slatted floor manure system was complete. It’s currently awaiting a barn enclosure.