Snow Removal Equipment Storage Building

  • Location: Winona, Minnesota
  • Contractor: T2 Contracting
  • Engineer: TKDA
  • Size: 88′ Long x 50′ Wide x 26’-3/4” Tall
  • Purpose: To provide a storage building for airport snow removal equipment.

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About this Project

As part of the $478 million in airport infrastructure grants awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Winona Municipal Airport received $765,525 for a snow removal equipment building and a sand storage building. T2 Contracting chose Wieser Concrete to produce the insulated precast concrete wall panels, as well as the solid precast floor panels for the storage mezzanine over the restrooms. The engineer for the project, TKDA, noted, “Materials selected throughout the facility, such as precast concrete sandwich panel walls, are designed for a 50-year lifespan to help the City lower long-term maintenance costs.”

While the 4,000 sq. ft. building’s primary purpose is for the storage of snow removal equipment, it also contains additional spaces for a small shop/office area, electrical/mechanical room, and individual restrooms with exterior access. Dan Albrecht, Vice President of T2, mentioned, “We chose Wieser Concrete for this project because of their reputation to provide the best product possible. The product that we received for this project was excellent. The fit and finish were everything that we thought they would be. The crew that installed the panels was professional and got the job done in a timely manner. We look forward to working with Wieser Concrete on future projects.”