Rooney Farms Feed Bunk
Bunk Addition

  • Location: Mondovi, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Wieser Concrete
  • Size: 1,476 linear feet
  • Purpose: To provide outdoor high-capacity feed bunks for Rooney Farms.

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About this Project

Back in September of 2018, Wieser Concrete installed 696 linear feet of high capacity yard bunks for phase one of an expansion project at Rooney Farms in Mondovi, Wisconsin. For phase two, we produced 780 linear feet of high capacity yard bunks.

The 1,476 total linear feet of feed bunks were fastened with our two-rail fence system at the proper height to maximize cleanliness while maintaining cattle comfortability. We are able to deliver and install feed bunks in one day, depending on the location. Our precast concrete feed bunks provide a highly durable and cost-efficient feeding solution for all cattle farmers. They are also easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and allow for trouble-free cleaning.