Penn-American Twin-Cell
Box Culvert

  • Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
  • Contractor: Minger Construction
  • Size: 16 ft x 9 ft twin cell box culvert
  • Purpose: To provide stormwater storage for the Penn-American area development.

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About this Project

Phase 3 of the Penn-American area development in Bloomington, Minnesota is underway, which is near our Maiden Rock plant. We are producing 170 pieces of the 16 ft x 9 ft box culvert that are currently being installed for the linear stormwater storage project. With the heaviest section weighing about 56,000 lbs, the large twin cell culvert pieces are being manufactured in 4 ft lengths to provide efficient shipping and installation.

The headwalls on each end of the 700 linear foot box culvert weigh 78,950 lbs each. A three-foot drop was incorporated in the design for one end of the culvert, spanning 40 feet under a roadway. The first phase of development for the Penn-American District began in September 2012 and redevelopment is expected to continue over the next couple of decades, according to the City of Bloomington. Projects for the area include rental units, retail space, restaurants, hotels, parking structures, and a designated Transit Improvement Area for future commuter transportation.