Pride Travel Center Wastewater Treatment System

  • Location: Yucca, Arizona
  • Contractor: Tri-Suns Engineering, Inc.
  • Engineers: Mojave Engineering Associates, Inc. & EZ Treat Company, Inc.
  • Size: (3) 7,700-gal septic tanks, (1) 7,700-gal flow equalization tank, (2) 7,700-gal recirculation tanks with (6) BIG EZ 4L series pods, and (1) 7,700-gal field dosing tank.
  • Purpose: To provide a decentralized wastewater system for a new Pride Travel Center where a typical sewer system is not available due to the remote location of the project.

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About this Project

Over 1,700 miles separate our headquarters in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin and Yucca, Arizona where Wieser Concrete delivered multiple tanks for a wastewater treatment plant. Services are very limited for approximately 20 miles in each direction from the truck stop, signifying the need for a 12,000 GPD precast concrete wastewater treatment system. The truck stop has two restaurants, a convenience store, truck wash, fuel service, showers, and overnight parking for truckers. The treatment system is high strength and meets stringent nitrogen reduction requirements. The contractor was responsible for site preparation. This included excavation of the site in advance of the arrival of the tanks, access to the site under the free will of the crane and delivery trucks, assist the Wieser crew. Once the tanks were set and inspected for quality assurance by Wieser, the contractor resumed plumbing and construction of the treatment system.

Wieser Concrete provided the precast tanks, an installation team, and delivery of the products and equipment. Mike Stidham, Vice President of EZ Treat, said, “Wieser was chosen for the quality and availability of their tanks, along with the commitment to their product. Their products and services were valued way beyond the market’s ability to match. The Wieser team arrived with a crane and worked with the local contractor to set and oversee each tank. Between Wieser Concrete, EZ Treat, Tri-Suns, and Mojave Engineering, a team atmosphere was established to provide a cost-effective and on-time investment for the client.” EZ Treat was able to design an effective system to meet the limits of the effluent quality, which allowed for the project to become a reality and serve the needs of the Yucca community. The truck stop is in the Arizona Desert, which is between Quartzsite and Phoenix. It is in a very remote area of Highway I-10.  The Pride Travel center is a much-needed rest stop for all types of vehicles traveling between California and Phoenix.