Poy Sippi UV Disinfection Vault

  • Location: Poy Sippi, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Sabel Mechanical
  • Size: 8’L x 14’W x 12’H
  • Purpose: To provide a custom UV disinfection vault for the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

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About this Project

 In Poy Sippi, Wisconsin, the village wastewater treatment system needed a new UV disinfection vault. The 8’L x 14’W x 12’H vault was manufactured in our Portage, WI plant and installed by Sabel Mechanical. 

Specific to this job, a custom flowline and UV trough were pre-installed by Wieser Concrete experts to ensure an efficient install process and a high-quality product. Doug Sabel from Sabel Mechanical mentioned, “The project took one week to complete due to the storage capacity of the plant. (We chose) Wieser Concrete as the supplier because the UV vault could be installed and operational in just 3 days.” Even though Poy Sippi is a small Wisconsin town, this project provides an important upgrade for its wastewater treatment plant.