Coral Ridge Avenue Pedestrian Underpass

  • Location: Coralville, Iowa
  • Contractor: Peterson Contractors
  • Size: 14 ft x 10 ft culvert sections with an overall length of 99.5 ft
  • Purpose: To provide a safe pedestrian underpass for the Coral Ridge Avenue and walking path intersection.

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About this Project

Total reconstruction of Coral Ridge Avenue in Coralville, Iowa was needed to account for the vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area. The project called for a precast concrete pedestrian underpass tunnel, of which would support a four-lane road overhead. The new Coral Ridge Avenue will have four lanes (expanded from the current two lanes), a raised center median, dedicated turn lanes at all intersections, landscaping enhancements, and a new ten-foot wide trail along the west side of the road. Contracted by Peterson Contractors, Inc., the project consisted of 14 ft by 10 ft box culvert pieces at about 49,000 lbs per piece and custom decorative wing walls on each end. The wing walls were form-liner finished with the longest wall being 74 feet long. The total length of the underpass is 99.5 feet and will feature a black top walkway all the way through the culvert to make the path continuous and cover the culvert joints.

The box culvert pieces and wing walls were manufactured and shipped in 30 oversized loads from our Portage, WI plant. This project provides a safe and efficient system for the flow of traffic on the road and pedestrians on the walking path while remaining aesthetically pleasing.