Menards Wastewater Treatment System

  • Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Petersen Onsite
  • Treatment System: BioMicrobics
  • Size: – 25,000-gallon Septic Tank
  • – 20,000-gallon Equalization/ BioMicrobics MyFAST 1.0 Treatment Tank
  • – 20,000-gallon MyFAST 1.0/MyNitriFAST 1.0 Treatment Tank – 7,700-gallon Clarification/Dose Tank
  • Purpose: To provide an advanced treatment system for the new Menards office building expansion.


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About this Project

Menards in Eau Claire, WI is in the process of expanding its 500-person office building, which includes a full-service restaurant addition. A new treatment system was needed in order to treat the elevated waste strength from the restaurant while providing nitrogen reduction before the subsurface dispersal. Wieser Concrete was contracted by Petersen Onsite to produce the four precast concrete tanks and multiple risers required for the project. To allow for the most efficient use of the tank volumes and compartments, Wieser Concrete engineers developed a custom flow path and tank schematic.

BioMicrobics treatment system components were retrofitted at the Wieser Concrete plant to allow for smooth installation on site. The advanced treatment system is designed to handle a flow of approximately 11,500 gallons per day. Within 90 days of the project start date in February 2020, the system was designed, approved, permitted, and installed. When asked why Wieser Concrete was chosen for the project, Tony Birrittieri, general manager for Petersen Onsite, answered, “Precast provides the flexibility and customization needed which are needed in our designs. Wieser Concrete provides amazing support and the highest quality control in the industry. They stand by their product and are true advocates for the onsite wastewater industry.”