Bomaz Farms Flush Flume System

  • Location: Hammond, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Komro Sales & Service
  • Size: Nine precast concrete manure drop boxes with dimensions of 16′ L x 3′ W and ranging from 3′-6′ in height including covers. The overall system is 800′ in length.
  • Purpose: To provide a system for Bomaz Farms to clean the barns and reuse water and sand as necessary.

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About this Project

Bomaz Farms is currently expanding its dairy with two new free-stall barns and a 40 stall rotary parlor with a manure transfer system. The manure transfer system is an 800′ flush flume system that consists of Wieser Concrete precast drop boxes that are located at each barn alley and 24″ ADS flume connection pipes to tie the system together. With this new system, sand-laden manure is transferred at a 1% slope to an outside existing sand lane structure.

Then, the flume system is charged with a flush pump that transfers recycled water from the outside flush tank through the new flume. Ashley Pattison, project manager for Komro Sales & Service, said, “We have been very satisfied with Wieser Concrete’s efficient production efforts over the last several years especially during tight schedule demands of customers. We promoted the Komro/Wieser Concrete design to the engineer which got easy approval at the State level.” Wieser Concrete completed nine drop boxes in less than two weeks and the system took two days for Komro and Wieser to install. At the end of 2019, Wieser Concrete also produced a 16′ tall retaining wall that spans 98 linear feet as part of the expansion.