I-70 MoDOT
Noise Abatement Wall

  • Location: City of O’Fallon, Missouri
  • Contractor: MoDOT
  • Size: 24,280 square feet
  • Purpose: To provide noise abatement wall to reduce noise for the homes along the interstate.

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About this Project

 As anticipated by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the project to widen I-70 (Route K) in the City of O’Fallon, MO has caused the need for a noise abatement wall to reduce noise for the homes along the interstate. Wieser Concrete was contracted by Millstone Weber to manufacture a total of 24,280 square feet of precast concrete noise walls and posts to run along the north side of the westbound interstate lanes. The individual panels averaged 6’H x 24’L, while the posts were spaced at 25′ on center and were an average of 12′ tall. This was a new noise wall design for our Roxana, IL plant. 

We designed a new precast post and longer panel to produce them more efficiently. Both the panels and posts have ashlar stone form-liner on each side. This project was also our first noise wall ever produced for MoDOT. After the I-70 widening project, many locations approached or exceeded the Noise Abatement Criteria in a study conducted by the City of O’Fallon. These areas included four subdivisions and a middle school, of which the Hilltop Manor subdivision was deemed feasible and reasonable for a barrier installation. MoDOT defines reasonableness as the ability for noise barriers to achieve a maximum of 1,300 square feet per benefitted receptor and must provide a minimum of 7 dBA for 67 percent of first-row receptors. The precast concrete products were produced in two months and they were installed in about five days.