Electric Substation Security Wall

  • Location: River Falls Municipal Utilities in River Falls, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Ross & Associates, Ltd.
  • Engineer: Auth Consulting & Associates, Inc.
  • Purpose: Wieser Concrete worked closely with Auth on the design/build project to create an aesthetically pleasing wall around the electric substation that would be secure, while still providing access to the site.

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About this Project

 The design includes ten 17″ x 17″ notched concrete columns with post caps and footings, stained decorative concrete wall panels with metal railings, and two 20′ heavy-duty metal gates matching the railing.

The walls span about 160′ around the substation and range from 8′-6″ to 9′-8″ above grade. On the exterior side, the wall panels were poured with a brick form liner base course, a smooth form finish center course, and another brick form liner course on the top. Following installation, the brick sections of the wall were stained to match the adjacent switchgear building.