Dual Cell
Box Culvert

  • Location: St. Charles, Missouri
  • Contractor: Gershenson Construction
  • Size: 11 feet by 13 feet dual cell precast concrete box culvert
  • Purpose: To replace an existing culvert along Boschert Creek.

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About this Project

Due to the frequent flooding of properties along Westminister Drive, upstream of Concordia Lane, the City of St. Charles, MO approved a project to replace an existing culvert along Boschert Creek. Gershenson Construction led the project and decided to use Wieser Concrete thanks to our in-house design-build capabilities. The precast components for the job were 11 ft by 13 ft dual cell box culvert sections, a flared and tapered headwall, and a tapered endwall. Paul Warner, Project Engineer/Estimator for Gershenson, said, “The headwall pieces were extremely lopsided so we weren’t sure if they could be precast or even transported over the road. Wieser had no issues achieving either. The other unique aspect of the box culvert was the weir wall required at the upstream end of the box, which was seamlessly incorporated into the design and engineered drawings by Wieser.”

Although the flow of the 22 ft deep creek would have been high risk for a cast-in-place concrete culvert, it was easily manageable for a precast installation. Still, a very large and deep excavation relative to the project footprint was required because of the rainy season. The City of St. Charles welcomed the fact that quality control for the concrete production was completed in a controlled environment by a Wieser Concrete QC Technician. Our box culvert is designed to protect surrounding properties from a 100-year storm event. “Wieser’s ability to design & build the atypical shapes and provide all calculations necessary in a very timely manner isn’t matched by other precast suppliers in this area of the Midwest. We had a lot of ideas and questions for Wieser during the design phase, testing the limits of what was possible by means of precast. All of which were met with an attitude of teamwork,” Paul emphasized.