Amy Belle Wastewater Treatment System

  • Location: Richfield, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Petersen Onsite
  • Size: Three 20,000-gallon tanks
  • Purpose: To provide a new wastewater treatment system for the Amy Belle Elementary School.

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About this Project

Located in Richfield, Wisconsin, Amy Belle Elementary School is an integral building block in the community. Amy Belle’s mission statement reads, “The mission of Amy Belle School is to provide an environment that empowers and inspires learners to succeed and thrive.” This positive environment is built from the ground up, or in this case, the underground up. Petersen Onsite constructed a new wastewater treatment system, using three of our 20,000-gallon precast concrete tanks. The system is designed to treat 7,900 gallons of wastewater per day. With a very short timeline to work with, Petersen knew they needed precast concrete tanks that could be custom manufactured in a timely manner while maintaining the high quality they expect.

We were able to produce all three of the custom tanks within two weeks. The tanks we produced for the treatment system were a two-compartment preliminary settling tank, two-compartment equalization and primary treatment tank, and three-compartment tertiary nitrogen treatment, clarification, and drain field dosing tank. Once the tanks were ready, the construction stage required less than seven days from start to finish. Richfield places a high priority on replenishing their groundwater with clean water, which is made possible by this treatment system that focuses on the high nitrogen levels typically produced by school wastewater. This project was completed in conjunction with the local residents who wanted to see the school strive and be viable for more students in the foreseeable future.