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Product Overview

Wieser Concrete precast concrete tables are sturdy, stylish, durable, and weather-resistant in order to provide an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor or indoor table that will last a lifetime. Each table is individually stained and sealed to assure maximum durability and minimum maintenance. Our concrete tables are as unique as they are functional and will catch the attention of any visitors or guests.

Who are the concrete tables for?

Wieser Concrete tables can be used at restaurants, shopping centers, schools, airports, parks, and residential complexes. They can also be used to enhance homes, patios, and gardens. We have donated custom tables to Fire and Rescue Departments with graphics honoring their service to communities.

What are the benefits of concrete tables?

Our precast concrete tables are heavy enough to prohibit theft or unwanted movement, while remaining sturdy and safe for use in public areas. Because the tables are stained and sealed, not only are they weather-proof, but they are also spill-proof from food and beverages. The customer is given creative freedom to choose the stain color scheme for each table. The compass design on the table surface gives an elegant and useful look to be a great centerpiece for any public or private area.

What types of concrete tables do you offer?

We offer round Compass Tables, round Travertine Tables, and 8 foot Picnic Tables with an optional 8 foot by 10 foot concrete base pad. All tables allow different options for staining and sealing or can be shipped without modifications.

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