Columbarium Niches

Columbarium Niche Overview

Prior to 2005, 96-niche units for the national cemeteries had been constructed by securing four (4) 24-niche sections together using mechanical fasteners. When awarded their first niche project in 2005, Wieser Concrete did not have forms of the previous 24-niche design and would need to fabricate forms specifically for this project. Wieser Concrete took this opportunity to look at innovations that would deliver a superior quality product for the best value.

Advantages of
Wieser Concrete Niches

  • Wieser columbarium niches do not rely on mechanical fasteners to secure multiple sections together thereby providing a more durable product and consistent appearance.
  • Produces one 96-niche unit of reliable, uniform size making the cast stone cap, cast stone base, and foundation fit consistently.
  • Provides increased stability due to the reduction of section pieces. One 96-niche unit takes the place of four prior 24-niche design units.
  • Reduces opportunities for product damage during installation due to less handling.
  • Provides a consistently superior installation process.

Wieser Concrete Columbarium Niche
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