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September 30, 2019

Learn more about our new AutoCAD Drafter, Brian, in the Q&A below!

What is your work experience prior to Wieser Concrete?

I worked for the past 17 years in the Art Department at BIC Graphic, the latest 5 years as an Art Lead.

Any professional or educational achievements you’d like to include?

I have an AAS Degree in Graphic Design from Dakota County Tech. Visual Graphics and Design, in general, are passions of mine.

What are you looking forward to as an employee of Wieser Concrete?

I look forward to expanding my skillset in Layout & Design in a different field, as well as getting to know my new co-workers. Everyone I’ve met so far has been exceptionally nice and helpful.

I also look forward to learning the concrete business. I’ve been passing by Wieser (Maiden Rock) since I was young and always noticed the displayed concrete walls out front and barrels in the yard – they always seemed so massive as a kid, like a gigantic playground.

Do you have any hobbies, if so would you mind sharing? Things you like to do for fun?

I love to play guitar, bass, and drums – although I’m not that great yet on drums – music is definitely another passion of mine. My wife and I also love riding and traveling via motorcycle. She recently bought a bike bigger than mine, but I’ll show her up soon enough!

Any family you would like to share about?

Married to my amazing wife Erin, I refer to her as my ulti-mate. 6 days from the time I’m writing this will be our 9th wedding anniversary but have been together 13 years. Both Erin and I are artists and at times are competitively creative, though she usually wins. We also write parody songs simply to amuse ourselves.

My stepson Ethan is 22 years old, in the Army National Guard and big-time into bodybuilding.  10 years ago when he started to get into weight lifting I jokingly told him I can’t allow his arms to get any bigger than mine. Well now his arms, I swear, are as big as my thighs.

Anything else fun and exciting you’d like to share?

I’ve been playing guitar in various Hard Rock/Metal bands since I was 13 years old. Writing and recording music is a great creative outlet. I do all of the design work for the bands I’ve played in – such as logos, posters & CD art. I’ve had the pleasure of playing concerts as the opening act for many national bands I’d pay to see, but instead, my band was being paid to play!


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