Wieser Concrete
Maiden Rock
Plant Addition

  • Location: Wieser Concrete in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Wieser Brothers/Wieser Concrete
  • Size: 48′ Wide x 200′ Long x 22′ Tall
  • Purpose: To provide a new production area for dry-cast slatted floors.

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About this Project

Dry-cast concrete production is a fast and economic process, with the finished product being high in strength and quality. However, the dry-cast operation is very noisy and requires a fairly significant amount of space. Wieser Concrete in Maiden Rock is home to two production plants, one of which produces dry-cast slats daily. In the slat production building, there is also a team working on wet-cast products such as beams and posts, headwalls, and custom projects.

In order to free up space for both crews and separate the noise to help with safety and efficiency, we expanded the plant with a 48′ W x 200′ L x 22′ H addition. The new building serves as a dedicated slat production area and the existing area will ironically serve as a noise-abatement wall production space for the near future. Precast concrete wall panels for the building were produced and installed by Wieser Concrete. Wieser Brothers completed the concrete floor before A&J Construction installed the roof. A new Coote Rotascreed + Pallet Handler System was installed in the addition, while two 15-ton bridge cranes were installed in the existing plant.