North Slope Drilling RigBeaufort Sea, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska


  • Design and build concrete batching and casting machine for A.I.C. Martin.


  • Design and build machine and deliver to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska


  • As project required.


  • The North Slope Drilling Rigs are built on islands dredged out of the Beaufort Sea. These islands require protection and A.I.C. Martin Co. of Fairbanks contracted to provide concrete block to be shackled in place as a barrier against the water and drifting ice. A.I.C. Martin contracted with Wieser Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., to build the concrete batching and casting machine.
  • The North Slope of Alaska, the most northerly point on the contiguous North American continent, is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. The terrain freezes solid for 10 months of the year, has clouds of voracious mosquitos for the other two months, and is almost inaccessible by land. Temperatures drop below -60 degrees F for weeks on end; an eerily drifting mist, at times, reduces visibility to a few feet; and aurora activity breathes false life into mobile radios. This frontier, where breakdowns are devastatingly costly and performance is everything, is a tough proving ground for sophisticated equipment.