Long Peaks
Dairy Bunker Silos

  • Location: Long Peaks Dairy in Eaton, Colorado
  • Size: Three separate bunker walls 285′ long
  • Installer: Wieser Concrete
  • Purpose: To provide silage storage for the Long Peaks Dairy second location.

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About this Project

Why did our bunker silo wall panels get delivered to Colorado? The answer is simple. They provide a large volume storage capacity, the lowest cost per ton silage storage, and the lowest annual fixed cost of any silage storage system while giving the customer full customizability to expand or adjust their bunker layout.

Once the panels were delivered to the job site, four Wieser Concrete team members installed the entire bunker system in five days. This isn’t the first time we’ve produced and delivered panels for Long Peaks Dairy. Last year, we manufactured 4 custom panels and 20 standard panels for silage storage at the main farm in Pierce, Colorado.