Abe Lincoln National Cemetery Double-Cell Crypts

  • Location: Elwood, Illinois
  • Size: 6,000 double-cell crypts
  • Purpose: To provide burial crypts for the Abe Lincoln National Cemetery expansion project.

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About this Project

Wieser Concrete produced 6,000 precast concrete double-cell burial vaults for the Abe Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois. Using this twin-cavity vault forming system provides many benefits in both the production and installation of this product. This forming system allows for faster production, added product strength, and ensures uniform product quality.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

  • Once the vaults start moving to the job site, fewer pieces of the product have to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Setting time is decreased due to fewer actual vaults being handled.
  • Leveling is faster due to the larger product footprint, which is more forgiving with grade deviation than the single-cavity product.