Precast Concrete Storm Shelter 8 Person NSSA
Precast Concrete Storm Shelter 12 Person NSSA
Precast Concrete Storm Shelter High Capacity 34 Person NSSA

Wieser offers above ground precast concrete stand-alone storm shelters. All are certified to meet the NSSA Standard. In addition, the door is tested by the Wind Science & Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University.


  •  Interior Walls & Ceiling Painted White
  • Steel Deflector Plates Mounted Over Each Vent Opening (Galvanized for Maximum Corrosion Protection)
  • Plastic Sump with Drain Hole and Plastic Sump Grate Cast in the Center of the Floor
  • (1) Bolt-On Galvanized Steel Frame with 36” Wide Steel Powder Coated Door Installed Prior to Delivery
    • Door Weighs Approximately 260 lbs.
    • Bolt-On Frame & Door are Replaceable
  • (1) Hockey Puck Style Padlock
    • Used to Restrict Access to Door Key Mechanism
  • (1) Door Lifter Escape Bar (Painted Red)
    • Door is mounted to frame using hinges with bearings and is removable via the door lifter escape bar; the door can be lifted off the frame’s hinges only when the door locking mechanism is disengaged, allowing it to fall away in the event that the door swing is only slightly obstructed.