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May 9, 2019

Back in December of 2018, we launched a major expansion project at our Portage, WI location. The project, contracted by Wieser Brothers General Contractor, increased our production area by 21,000 sq. ft and office space by 2,400 sq. ft. Included in the expanded production area is a new 42 ft x 267 ft east bay and a 100 ft x 100 ft extension on the existing building. We will be able to increase our production rate, rebar fabrication efficiency, and material storage space with the new east bay and plant expansion. It will also allow us to hire at least 10 employees to staff the new production space. Rebar fabrication will improve dramatically with our new automated rebar bender and rebar shear line. As for the extra office space, we will be adding 4 new offices, a shipping and receiving area to streamline the freight process, and a reception area for visitors. The existing offices will be remodeled to provide a training area for new hires and current employees.

For the expansion project, Wieser Concrete produced the precast insulated wall panels, stamped wall panels for the office vestibule, and underground stormwater detention tanks. Adding onto the existing building in the winter was a challenge we were ready for. It required coordination with Wieser Brothers and production personnel throughout the project. To complete the tie-in to the existing building, in February our crews disassembled 168 ft of remaining exterior wall panels that were installed on the original building in 1994. The original panels were then reinstalled on the addition exterior wall in less than eight hours, with the entire building enclosed and the roof installed in less than 24 hours. Construction for the entire project was completed in April.


  • Wieser Concrete Portage Plant Addition