August 27, 2015

We are currently in the middle of a two year project with C.S. McCrossan for noise walls. The project is located on a stretch of Interstate 494 near Minnetonka, Minn.

Noise wall are used to block sound from homes, parks, schools and businesses. This project is constructed using precast concrete post and lumber, this is a very cost effective means of controlling the noise given the amount of right-of-way space available. There is just not enough space to control sound using berms and trees. It would take 100 feet of dense vegetation to get the same type of noise reduction that we get with these walls. The Interstate 494 project has over 60,000 feet of 12” x 18” precast concrete noise wall posts. There are seven walls on this project, five on the west side and two on the east side of the interstate. The typical wall height is 20 foot tall and each post has a decorative top. Once the posts are set and wall is constructed it will be stained to enhance the aesthetics and protect the wall against the elements. We have been producing posts for these types of walls for over 20 years and have the capability of producing up to 900 feet per day.