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June 2, 2019

50 Years

At the beginning of June, we celebrated a very special employee milestone. Our dispatcher Mike Harmon reached his 50th year with Wieser Concrete! We held a party at our Maiden Rock plant for Mike, inviting all of the current Maiden Rock employees, past employees who have formed long-lasting friendships with Mike, and his loving family. At the party, he was surprised with a brand new Yamaha Wolverine X2 Special Edition customized with graphics honoring him and his wife Kae. Under Kae’s name, it reads, “Beside every good man, is a great woman.” After presenting the gift, Andy and Joe Wieser talked about Mike’s long and dedicated history with Wieser Concrete. He started off in production at our Maiden Rock plant in 1969, then worked as a truck driver, and later transitioned into the dispatcher role. He worked alongside Joe Wieser when the company was still in its early stages and has continued to help Wieser Concrete strive through his hard work and commitment throughout the years.


Mike Harmon's 50th Anniversary with Wieser Concrete
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“Mike Harmon began to work for Wieser Concrete 50 years ago right out of high school. Wieser Concrete more than tripled their business. It was the first year of manure storage tank production and installation. With the old mixer, sand and gravel were mixed by hand. Mike, being a new employee, spent a lot of time around the mixer. Mike never stayed home from work in the winter, he just hopped on his snowmobile and drove on in.” – Joe Wieser

“Mike is one of the hardest working people I have met. His vehicle was often the first vehicle in the parking lot at the start of the day and one of the last to leave at the end of the day. There are probably very few jobs he hasn’t done himself. As a truck driver, he was punctual, product knowledgeable and always did what it took to get the job completed and the customer satisfied. Opening the office for the last decade of my working years, contractors often called early in the morning to cancel or re-schedule a delivery. Many mornings I called the “Harmon House” before 6:00 am to seek advice on a scheduled project or question if there was any way we could work another delivery into an already busy morning. I always was greeted pleasantly by Mike if he was in the house or Kae if Mike was out walking the dog. There aren’t many people you can call before 6:00 am and not hear a growl on the other end. Mike is diligent on keeping the paper flow up to date. There are the weekly pay sheets to be approved, set time hours, regular hours, mileage, weekly log sheets, weekly time cards, absences, up to date med cards on drivers, and ¼ ly drug testing for CDL. It is working with drivers to get paperwork turned in in a timely manner so the follow through of payroll & other documentation that needs completion. Often time paperwork is taken home to be completed and approved. Dispatching at Wieser Concrete is a huge undertaking, it is an office that has many things going on at the same time. A large part of Mike’s day is on the telephone talking with customer’s, drivers, and other plant locations to keep projects on time. While on the phone he may have a driver or two in his office waiting for their next duty, another key Wieser team player waiting to discuss a project, product or just a question that needs an answer. I’m more fortunate than most Wieser co-workers because I get to share fun time away from Wieser’s with Mike. In the stands of baseball parks and basketball courts, we watch our grandsons compete. Mike’s grandson Travis is a best friend of my grandson Jarrod, they both are 15 and just about to complete 9th grade we’ve been cheering for these two guys for 9 years and hopefully have 3 great years left. Family, is a priority for Mike, he truly does an inspirational job at being there for family & friends.” – Denise Pelzel

“We all are so proud of this accomplishment. It speaks volumes for the type of person that he is. Dedicated and loyal throughout.” – Yvonne Blodgett