June 18, 2015

Initially the kiosks and signage at Dennis H. Rinderer Park were going to be poured in place, but with a Memorial Day deadline, the contractor working with the city of Highland, Ill. decided to look into other options for the monuments. After looking around, Wieser Concrete was contacted because of the efficiency precast concrete is known for. The city decided it would be a good way to speed up the process to meet the deadline and approved the contract. Five kiosks were poured in which plaques were placed on in remembrance of the brave veterans of Highland. One large entrance sign and one smaller sign were also poured.

The project originated from Highland Mayor Joe Michaelis about two years ago. He was looking for a way to honor and remember the veterans that served so bravely for our country. Dennis Rinderer Park is at the end of the city’s newest road, Veterans Honor Parkway.