January 18, 2019

Sarah Hochmuth, a recent UW-Platteville Civil Engineering Grad, joined the Wieser team in Portage full-time this month. As our Project Engineer, she will be doing engineering and drafting, helping out with production scheduling, intern recruitment, and other various tasks. Get to know Sarah in the Q & A below!

  • What’s your work experience prior to Wieser Concrete?

I’ve had many odd jobs before Wieser Concrete such as: A Custodian, Kwik Trip employee, Nanny, and Mosquito Specialist. (Yes, I used to spray people’s yards for mosquitoes). I also worked at Wieser as an intern during the summers of 2017 and 2018. Even though I now have a full-time position, I’ve already learned much from my time as an intern.

  • Any professional or educational achievements you’d like to include?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Platteville. While at Platteville, I was part of the Concrete Canoe team. We went to the National Competition both years I was on the team which is actually how I got my internship at Wieser. While in Colorado in 2017, I met Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete from Louisiana. Through his connections, I was able to get in touch with Mark Wieser here in Portage and the rest is history.

  • What are you looking forward to as an employee of Wieser Concrete?

I’m looking forward to working with and learning from Mark Wieser and Lori Hanners. They both have so much knowledge of the precast concrete industry and the logistics behind it. I’m truly thankful to have been offered a position here in Portage. Here, I can work with people who will help me gain useful knowledge and experience for my career as a civil engineer. Also, getting a spot in the new office with the building’s addition is another added bonus.

  • Do you have any hobbies, if so would you mind sharing? Things you like to do for fun?

I was born and grew up in California until my family moved when I was 8 years old. That being said, I am a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan. My dad and I love going to watch them play the Brewers when they come to Miller Park. I also love to paint and read comic books in my spare time.

  • Family you would like to share about?

I am the middle of two children. I have an older sister and a younger brother. Andrew, my younger brother, actually works here in the shop at Wieser Concrete. I followed in my dad’s footsteps when it came to engineering. He was a civil engineer for over 20 years before he changed careers. I still love to pick his brain about engineering questions whenever I get the chance. Last but not least, is my loving mom who now “works” as a full-time Grandma for my two little nieces. Both my parents have been so encouraging throughout my college career and I’m sure they are very excited for me to start my full-time position here at Wieser Concrete.

  • Anything else fun and exciting you’d like to share?

I absolutely love cats. I currently own one cat, Gimli (named after the dwarf from the Lord of the Rings).


Sarah Hochmuth w Dave Hochmuth Wieser Concrete

My Dad (Dave Hochmuth) and myself at a Giants v. Brewers game in Milwaukee.