Triple-Cell CONSPAN Bridge

  • Location: Bolingbrook, Illinois
  • Size: 120 – 28′ span x 8′ rise precast concrete bridge pieces
  • Contractor: Herlihy Mid-Continent Company
  • Purpose: To provide a vehicular crossing over a large stream.

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About this Project

Plainfield Township in Illinois was in need of a new bridge over Lily Cache Creek due to a deteriorating existing bridge and to create a new North-South connector highway. Herlihy Mid-Continent Company won the construction bid for the project and Contech Engineered Solutions handled the bridge engineering. Contech chose Wieser Concrete to produce 120 pieces of 28′ span x 8′ rise precast concrete bridges using the CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System. Due to the substantial width of Lily Cache Creek, the project required a triple cell bridge design with three runs of 40 pieces each. Also included the design for aesthetics were formliner headwalls, decorative precast posts between the headwalls, and nose cones.

Currently, two bridge cells have been installed despite some on-going challenges at the job site. The project has had some delays due to weather conditions, multiple contractors on-site, and underground utility issues, yet the third cell is scheduled to be installed by mid-December. Nelson Brown, P.E. and bridge consultant for Contech, had this to say, “Contech has been a partner with Wieser for over 15 years. We have done countless successful projects together and this one is no different. We had a demanding contractor and schedule for this project and we knew Wieser would value that as well as produce a high-quality product as usual.”