Pierce Pepin Electric Power Pole Storage Racks

  • Location: Ellsworth, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: Wieser Concrete
  • Size: 10’L x 13″W x 18″H and 25’L x 13″W x 18″H precast beams
  • Purpose: To provide a more efficient way to store power poles in their yard.

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About this Project

Fitted with 5″ steel sleeves, the beams are lined up parallel to each other in the yard. The sleeves house the casing pipe placed by Pierce Pepin, which provide a durable and customizable racking system.

Each beam is poured with cable-lift handles cast in to allow the beams to be moved with ease with the proper equipment. The concrete beams are also heavy enough to remain stable while loading and unloading the poles. This precast concrete beam system yields a long-lasting, rust-free, and versatile solution that can be tailored to your storage needs.