Kwik Trip
Water Detention
Box Culvert

  • Location: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Contractor: W&D Navis, Inc.
  • Size: 104 LF of 6′ by 6′ box culvert
  • Purpose: To provide underground water detention for a new Kwik Trip.

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About this Project

Expanding on its presence in Beaver Dam, Kwik Trip is building an updated facility across the street from a dated Kwik Trip building. The city annexed three properties from the town of Beaver Dam into the city, including the current Kwik Trip and the site of a permanently closed bar.

Wieser Concrete was tasked with producing 104 LF of 6′ by 6′ box culvert for underground stormwater detention. In total, the box culvert consisted of 13 8′ long sections to allow for quick and efficient installation. During the production process, the end walls, weir wall, inlet boots, and outlet boots were all precast into the structure. W&D Navis installed the entire box culvert in just six hours thanks to their hard work and the use of precast concrete products. The new facility is expected to be finished early this year. Kwik Trip is already hiring to fill multiple positions once it opens.