Fauquier County
Onsite Wastewater
Treatment System

  • Location: Fauquier County, Virginia
  • Contractor: English Construction
  • Engineer: Bowman Consulting Engineering
  • Size: 18 precast tanks ranging from 3,000-gallon capacity up to 40,000-gallon capacity.
  • Purpose: To provide wastewater treatment for the towns of Catlett and Calverton, Virginia.

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About this Project

Less than 50 miles from the White House, the two small towns of Catlett and Calverton, VA were in need of an expansive wastewater treatment system. Aqua Tech Systems was part of the design-build team that won the bid for the project. Aqua Tech supplied the Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) collection systems that will settle solids at the homes and only send black water to the treatment facility. Wieser Concrete was chosen by Aqua Tech to provide 18 precast concrete tanks with capacities of (4) 3,000-gal, (9) 8,000-gal, (1) 12,000-gal, (3) 25,000-gal, and (1) 40,000-gal. Other equipment provided by Aqua Tech was installed in the Wieser Concrete tanks in order to treat the influent. The treated effluent will be sent to the 40,000-gallon drip irrigation pump tank at the end of the treatment process.

Then the treated wastewater will be dosed into an underground network of drip irrigation lines called zones via a Programmable Logic Controller dosing panel. It will seep into the ground where further treatment will occur before water reaches any groundwater source. The grass crop on the irrigation field will also use the treated water for food and will ultimately evaporate into the air. This system is designed to treat up to 80,000 gallons per day. Completion of the project is expected by May or June of 2021. Tom Bartlett, president of Aqua Tech Systems, said, “Aqua Tech has used Wieser tanks on other projects and has determined their quality is well above any other precast tank manufacturer. We use them on any project we can because of this. The quality of workmanship and materials as well as the support from the staff and company as a whole makes Wieser Concrete unique! Wieser is willing to customize any of their tanks in order to fit our tank needs.”