City of Troy Wet Well Treatment System

  • Location: Troy, Illinois
  • Contractor: L. Keeley Construction
  • Size: System Meter Vault 10’L x 8’W x 8’H
    (2) Header Cleanout Vaults 6’W x 6’L x 7’H
    High Service Pump Station 12′ x 6′ x 26′ (14″ thick walls) with the heaviest piece being 43,000 lbs.
  • Purpose: To update the City Wastewater Treatment Plant

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About this Project

Installation: All of the precast concrete products for this project were manufactured at our Roxana, IL plant. We delivered them to the job site where L. Keeley Construction installed the full system in one day. L. Keeley Construction chose Wieser Concrete to supply the products for this wastewater treatment plant for a number of reasons.

As stated by Chris Wernle from L. Keeley, “Since this was a small structure, it was more cost-effective to go with precast. Time was a big factor as well. This structure would have taken over a month to build if we went with cast-in-place. We set the precast structure in one day.” Chris also mentioned, “We have worked with Wieser Concrete on a few projects over the last five years. We have never had an issue with quality and their prices have always been competitive.”