Precast Concrete Foot Bath Cover
Precast Concrete Foot Bath Rubber Mat
Precast Concrete Foot Bath Coated

Wieser Concrete’s Precast Cattle Foot Baths keep your cattle clean and your labor costs low. They provide a quick and easy way to disinfect your steers, dairy cows, or even calves while requiring no moving mechanical parts. The cattle will be guided through the foot bath by the side walls (and optional tunnel cover), ensuring a smooth and stress-free walkthrough. 

Precast Cattle Foot Bath Options

  • Epoxy coating to help with traction for the cattle.
  • Fork pockets for ease of customization and movability.
  • Tunnel cover to ensure the cattle travel through the foot bath quickly and to cover the foot bath from mother nature.
  • Floor mat to furthermore aid with traction for the cattle, while still providing a durable product.