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Hoot System
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H-Series Gravity Treatment System

Each HOOT Distributor is Independently Owned and Operated

Green Choice Applications:

Single and Multi-Family Dwellings, light commercial, Churches, and other similar Residential strength uses.


98% Reduction CBOD5 
99% Reduction TSS 
99% Conversion of Ammonia (NH3) 
Fecal <1,000 w/o disinfection

Range of Sizes:

500, 600, 750 & 1000 GPD

High performance, low cost, energy efficient treatment system

The H-Series Gravity Treatment System provides high performance at a price comparable to most entry level ATU�s. Producing effluent of less than 3 mg/L on CBOD5 and 2 mg/L on TSS, it far exceeds the secondary standards of 25 mg/L on CBOD5 and 30 mg/L on TSS. With these results, many locations allow reductions in disposal areas between 25 and 40%. Because the H-Series completely transforms ammonia into nitrate, it is best suited for applications with rich organic soil content, surface plant growth and depth to groundwater to prevent nitrogen pollution of the water table.

Simple installation, reliable performance, low cost of ownership

This level of performance is enhanced by its simple installation, energy efficient performance and low cost long term maintenance and ownership. The systems components are assembled at controlled manufacturing facilities, rather than in the field, to ensure reliable performance with local support. 

Energy efficient, environmental protection 

Made of locally available and manufactured concrete, the H-Series features an energy efficient linear compressor that uses less power than an average light bulb. Its polyethylene clarifier hopper is made of recycled milk jugs. Choose Hoot, and you make a sensible, decision to protect the environment as you protect our most precious resource, our water.

Drainfield and Vertical Separation Reductions 

With gravity flow discharge, the H-Series allows you to choose your disposal application from conventional lateral lines, leeching chambers, other alternative drainfield materials. In some areas direct discharge is an option as well. Reductions of vertical separations to groundwater and impermeable layers such as rock range from 1 to 2 feet.

Make the green choice for wastewater treatment 

Your wastewater system is the most expensive and important appliance you will ever purchase. Don’t settle for just any system. Protect your family and the environment with a Hoot H-Series System. environment with a Hoot H-Series System.

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