Box Culverts

Box Culvert 1
Box Culvert 2
Box Culvert 3
Box Culvert 4
Box Culvert 5
Box Culvert 6
Design Specification:
ACI 318-83 & AASHTO
Load Factor design method  
Capacity reduction factors: (ACI 318-83)
Axial compression combined with bending
Material Properties:
Welded wire fabric, min. specified yield stress
65,000 PSI
Steel reinforcement
ASTM A-615-75, grade 60
Concrete, minimum specified compressive strength
5,000 PSI
Loading Data:
Load factor, dead load 1.5
Load factor, live load 2.2
Truck axle load:
32,000 lbs
2 @ 24,000 lbs each
Impact (variable with depth) see AASHTO Bridge Specs, 1982 0 to 30%
Uniform internal pressure 0.0
Depth of water in box section equal to inside height
External ground water pressure 0.0
Soil Data:
Unit weight 120 lb/ft3
Ratio of lateral to vertical pressure from weight of earth 0.25 min to 0.50
Additional lateral pressure from approaching truck wheels 700 + H, lbs/ft2 where H = earth cover, ft
External water table below box section invert
Effective weight coefficient 1.0
Structural Arrangement:
Min. concrete cover over steel 1.0 in.
Haunch dimensions 12″

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